“The secret to having it all is knowing that you already do “..

I don’t think there’s a such thing like universal way of manifesting desires . Different things work for different people . There’s a lot of things that come to my mind that Id like to have ,experience or make my reality . Before I got to know the law of attraction I thought of all this as a daydreaming not even noticing when things were showing up in my experience ,I’d just simply forgot I wanted them . These days I know that there’s no limits and everything is possible . Everything is within us ,our mind has an amazing power . We are what we are thinking ..it’s all up to us to use it in way that brings us experiences that we want in our lives.Our mind controls everything . It is true that what we think and believe is highly influenced by a lot of factors  like the environment we live in ,religion ,people we come across from as soon as we are  born .We like to think of ourselves as free people but how are free if out minds aren’t free at all .The first step has to be clearing out our  mind and adapting  new beliefs ,getting used to having all that creative power ,learn to control what we are thinking ,learning to choose feeling good and happy . We are capable of all that . We can talk ourself into a disease with actual physical symptoms but can’t change how we feel inside ?? Let’s get real about it ..”rule your mind or it will rule you ” !!

As for my manifestation technic ..out of a few I tried I figured over time that the best approach is to pick what u like most . I tried a vision board and felt uncomfortable looking at it all the time ,it made me think about what I still don’t have instead of what Its on its way to me so I decided to get a box ..a manifestation box idea turned out to be a great choice . I think a lot of what is that I want most ..when I know I visualise it ,getting used to the feeling of having it ,enjoying expecting it and loving it being mine. I write in my gratitude journal how thankful I am for it and other things in my life . The whole thing takes me a day or a few and than I write down on a piece of paper my desire ,mostly with a date I want it to manifest by ,I like to write down specifics of my desire also and I put it to my box . It’s the last step and it’s very symbolic to me . Putting it into manifestation box gives me comfort and piece of mind that it’s done . I feel like my work it’s done and I can relax about completely . Some call it letting it go . It manifests naturally as soon as forget about it an focus on something else . There I things I realised I got only because I went through the box ,I would’ve know otherwise that they manifested . A perfect example of it would be my new apartment . I wanted to move and wanted to move somewhere spectacular , imagined living in beautiful modern place on fifth maybe sixth floor,with glass walls and massive balcony overlooking the city,very close to my workplace ,wanted a flat mate that I’d develop a friendship with . I visualised unpacking in my new place ,my big clean bathroom ,a lot of closet space for my stuff ..all that ,write it down and put it onto the box. Forgot about . A month later or so I moved to the highest apartment building in the country ,it was the only one I viewed and out of 100s that wanted to move in there landlord only wanted me . I’m living in the tower with glass walls fifth floor and got the biggest balcony I’ve ever seen overlooking the city ,5 min away from my work with a flat mate that became my girlfriend almost instantly . One day I was telling her about law of attraction and took out my manifestation box to show her how it works for me and that was when I realised that this desire manifested itself . It is truly amazing .

Similar situation happened when I wanted to manifest money €300 . It was more like a belief building exercise,a test  to find out if I can manifest money .  I wrote down the amount ,date and what I wanted to spend it on and forgot about it .I visualised spending this excess cash on girly stuff like beauty products maybe clothes. A few days before date was due I found €300 gift card ,all for one kinda thing ..I had it on me for a couple of days not knowing where to spend it till I checked online that almost all clothes and beauty retailers are accepting it so went shopping and spent it all on make up ,skin care and some fashion ;)..after I came back home I wanted to put a new desire into my box ..automatically I had a look at other wishes I put in there and came across my €300 spare cash due the next day . Ah well that was received and spent already .You see if u believe and let go the universe will find the easiest ,the fastest ,the most natural way for your desire to come to you .

Higher State of Consciousness ..